30 April 2009


Cast bronze with patina. Completed early fall 2008.

Faces of Opression

Cast bronze with various patinas. Completed spring 2008.

Some Cards

I made these cards while being a participant observer during a program called Arts in Medicine. I was required to attend, being enrolled in a class by the same name. It was a beautiful experience.

22 February 2009


This piece consists of two separately cast and still unconnected bronze pieces, colored with India ink and a combination of oil pastels and Dorland's wax medium. Completed: December 2008

Till We Have Faces

This piece is one solid cast bronze piece resting on a rock. The inspiration came from the book Till We Have Faces by C. S. Lewis, an adaptation of the Cupid and Psyche myth. Completed: Fall 2008


This piece is composed of cast bronze pieces soldered to a thin sheet of copper with a liver of sulfur patina. Completed: Fall 2007.

Fish Can Fly

Oil on canvas. Completed: December 2008. SOLD.

My goal for this painting was to create a piece with many layers, physically as well as contextually. Using many layers of under-painting, I built up the sky, features of the landscape and fish figures into each other, so that each element is very much connected with the others. The content started in a straightforward manner: a desert landscape reminiscent of my hometown, Albuquerque, with a touch of surrealist aesthetic: koi fish swimming throughout the sky, and perhaps through the desert sand as well. It may be that this piece is a representational depiction of my current and impermanent home, but it displays a longing for another possible world where fish can fly.

The original title I had in mind for this piece was Home: Landscape in Orange, but it reminded the man who purchased it so much of a shirt design by Bono, that it has become affectionately known as Fish Can Fly.